Lanai Kijang

Lanai Kijang

Monday, March 15, 2010

Honest Scrap award dari Yatie

Salam semua... ni kali kedua kak rose terima award seperti ini .... tapi kali ni berserta dengan tag nya.... aduhai x pandailah kak rose nak bertag2 ni yatie oooi.... tapi terimalah seadanya.... really honest dari kak rose untuk semua kawan2 blogger.... kalau sudi bacale..... ok here goes....

1.Hi dan salam semua.... Saya Rosnah bt Bai, call me Kak Rose (I'm just passing 51 anyway) a housewife with 1 anak and loving hubby. I'm frm Johor and hubby frm Kelantan
2. Used to work as purchasing officer d construction company tapi terpaksa letak jawatan bila nak transfer ke Langkawi (boss x kasi berhenti sbb kita pekerja yang dedikasi.... oh yea?)
3. Not working but I spend most of the time infront of the computer (morning to night).... mengalahkan keja kat office lak kan.
4. Suka baca info terkini terutama what is happening around the globe juga local news melalui internet... politics and everything.
5. Watching tv is such a no no... especially cerita indon n industan or whatever except berita tu pun kadang2 je... x tau la pulak nnti bila dah ada astro beyond.... mungkin lain ceritanyer.
6. Tang masak tu.... ada kala rajin dan kadang2 malas sangat... depend on my mood.... makan x yah ikut mood lak.
7. Currently putting on weight at 64.8kg for my 5' 1" height... so obese kan... and I'm trying hard to loose some stubborn fat.... ada sapa nak nasihat canme nak kurus?
8. Suka baca novel... the most is "Do They Hear You When You Cry" oleh Fauziya Kassindja... dah banyak kali baca tapi setiap kali baca mesti menangis.... sedih sangat!
9. Kalau beli barang mesti nak 2... x tau kenapa... just like yesterday's.... blouse 2helai, bantal 2 biji n bedsheet 2 set. coincident?
10. Last but not least.... I love my family very much. after all who am I without them.

Tq yatie for the ingatan dan kak rose x pandai nak men tag kan kawan2 disana.... cumanya pada sapa yang ada kelapangan bolehlah panjangkan honest scrap award ni.... semuga persahabatan kita akan lebih jujur dan berkekalan hendaknya.....


♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Hi Kak, nice knowing U more! I can't believe U are passing 51!

Kak Rose said...

Love, pls belive me n may be I'm the eldest among u all... Thanks God for taking me this far.... Alhamdullilah.

Anonymous said...

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