Lanai Kijang

Lanai Kijang

Monday, March 22, 2010

Diet - 3rd day

Salam semua.... this is my today bathroom scale's figure.... after 2 days of dieting..... x banyak tapi masih ada perubahan.... not too drastik lah penurunan tu.... as long as there is an adjustment is ok for me.... kiranya reward jugak la tu kan setelah saharian sacrifice tang makan yang sedap2 tu.... terutama bila g jenjalan ke rumah kawan2 blogger.... ngences je.... tapi kenalah tahankan sebab dah janji nak dietkan.... kena kuat semangat nih....

and this for 3rd day breakfast
1 slice taost
1 egg hard bolied
black coffee
itu je until lunch pulak.....

menu for today's lunch
1 slice cheddar cheese
5 pcs ritz biscuits
1 small apple
black coffee
Alhamdullilah kenyang.....

And dinner.....
4oz tuna in water
4 oz cauliflower
4 oz beetroot (kak rose tukar ngan baked potato)
4oz ice-cream
half melon/honey dew
Huh.... banyaknya menu tuk dinner ni.... yalah kan nak tahan sampai esok pagi kenalah makan banyak.... kang tengah malam lapo camne kan..... x leh curi2 makan tau!

so pada kawan2 yang nak cuba resepi diet ni sangat2 lah dipersilakan.... dan kalau boleh jangan substitute apa2 bahan dari menu ni untuk dapatkan result yang berkesan.....and as a reminder......

* toast must be dry - no butter or margarine
* tuna, beetroot, string beans can be frozen
* ice-cream has to be vanilla
* black tea/coffee must be without sugar
** salt and pepper to be used and no other seasoning
** where no quantity is given there is no restriction other than common sense

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